To write or not to be wrong?


Started proofreading.
TV got too boring but I’m still blank as far as writing goes. The point eludes me and the buzz seems long gone. When you receive emails rejecting your work five months after you approached an agent it just seems pointless.
I’ll write again but not until something jumps out at me that I HAVE to get stuck into. Even writing that makes me realise how ridiculous the idea seems. There’s so much more to life.
While I’ve been disconnecting the world keeps turning.
Nothing changes, same old wars by the same old culprits.
Same old lies by the same politicos.
Same tedious news endlessly rerunning what happened ten/twenty years ago just with different protagonists.
No wonder I get tired. Little surprise the world gets boring, the mind seizes in any attempt to make sense of it.
I feel like I’ve run out of ideas or interest just at this moment. It’s my old coping mechanism…if you don’t compete, if you’re not complicit, you can step outside of it all and exist separately from the herd.
Politics….no ta.
Women….no way!
Literature….take a break. Maybe it will return, if not? I’ve failed before…….


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