Not writing; not crying


Tragic title but it’s evidence of how fucked up writing can make you.
If you’re not careful you’ll get caught up in the, ‘I can’t make it through the day without writing something’ bullshit. I was like that but you can get away. Maybe it’s only a short respite but it is possible to break the habit, you’ve just got to have faith.
I’ve been lucky. I finished my last book then got put on this course so I don’t really have time for writing just now, besides I find I’m tired when I get in. A little bit of editing but that’s more curiosity to see if the book hangs well together after a seven month break between beginning and returning to it.
You have to be careful or you convince yourself you’re work is important, SO important that it rules your life.
It’s not: not for me, not for any writer.
Writing is a gift to be enjoyed, not a weight to hang round your neck. A vocation should not be a curse that has to be adhered to every day like the world might end if you don’t nurture it, as if the muse will relinquish it’s hold if you don’t bow and scrape to it daily.
Take a break; I don’t believe in writers block.
I believe in enjoying what you do.
I believe in the muse flowing, meandering up and downstream, idling in eddies and swirling in circles with the tide until the current catches the wind and torrents surge but if there’s no breeze then there’s no rush; all natural things ebb and flow. Don’t try and force it and if it doesn’t come back…so?
There is no set amount of work you have to produce.
Some will write volumes. Some; one book, good or bad.
Occasionally one will come along who catches the zeitgeist. If you’ve written more than three books then chances are it’s not you so probably best to simply enjoy whatever comes along while it’s with you.
No biggie.
I never seriously thought I would finish one book, certainly not one that achieved the standards expected of a ‘proper’ author, and I AM a proper author now, accomplished and authoritative yet humbled by my peers apparently greater skills.
Still; I do hope I write again. There’s so much yet to learn but if I don’t finish another sentence then I’m content with what I’ve achieved so far. Who thought I would produce so much?
Still editing the last one so I’m guessing it’s not finished with me just yet….


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