Digression and the art of obfuscation


Well I’m on page 19, and?
Never said I was going to race into anything did I?
I seem to be slower than ever but it’s partly because the last few have been so difficult but the way I write is changing into a more rigid, more expansive, creative process (pretentious twonk!) than my earlier work. It’s probably a good thing judging by the rubbish I read on one guys Facebook page today who clearly didn’t think editing was part of the process: C word!
The more I write the more I realise all those things I didn’t want to have to bother with, all those long-winded tedious parts, you know, the editing, the rewriting, the spellchecking, careful rearrangement of a comma or semi colon or would a full colon be better? All that, I’ve come to realise, is a massive part of what makes an author better. Obviously the story has to roll along, twisting and meandering through the suburbs of the imagination, calling at all the bus stops along the route and taking careful note of the chewing gum on the back of the seat or the patina of the worn seats in the shelter but the stops and starts are all part of it. Without them there is no story but of course experience teaches you that.
Easier to see the mistakes as you’re travelling if you’ve encountered them before and you’re not racing towards the; ahem, climax like a young chap caught up in the moment, what?
So, a new novel is drizzling out of the mind slowly, steadily and, hopefully, with some awesome passages in the new more mature prose that I’ve become adept at rather than the rushed, have-to-keep-going-back-and-checking-everything-over-and-over that I used to fall into.
What’s the cliche?
Nothing worth having comes easy?


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