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Ex-reform school kid thinks he’s a writer only to discover that he’s actually incompetent when it comes to some of the basics. Am now going back through a recently edited novel to put the capitals back on the east and west words that I took them off of.
I also discovered that there are different uses for practice and practise.
If you write the other’s helmet, there IS a possessive apostrophe.
If you use a quote there IS a capital letter inside the quote marks.
Maybe getting kicked out of school and reading loads hasn’t actually helped my writing skills at all. Maybe I need to learn all that shit that normal people just know before I write anything else?
Embarrassing? Yep, just a little.
I’m now having to go through everything I’ve written checking every word for mistakes. Humbling considering I thought I was the shit for finishing a few books! I’ve come to realise I’m not THE shit, I am, just, shit!
Poorly educated, I know lots of big words but if you don’t know how to put them together it doesn’t mean a thing. Nearly five years I’ve been at this and I still can’t produce anything without help. Luckily Hache (professional proofreader) checked some of my work so now I at least know where I’ve gone wrong. Wish I could afford to employ someone cleverer than me to go through everything but I’d still prefer to actually understand it all myself.
That’s what happens when you rush.
The cliche is apparently there’s a book in everyone. I don’t think so. Most people don’t know how to spell their name let alone enough to write a novel and edit it.
Apologies, from now on everything I publish will be up to the standard expected before it goes online. Jeeeeez! Whaaaaat a dumbo?


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