Alecz World-Beater


51 pages of seriously intense editing to go before the who-knows-how-many’th-drafts version of this novel is done. The idea is that once I’ve finished the really difficult bit I can do a quick read-through, a few minor updates and, hopefully, that will be another fully-updated as-good-as-I-can-make-it finished product. Hours and hours of quibbling over dialogue, of adding large sections of metaphor, imagery, detail that’s sadly lacking. It’s actually quite shocking how poor the quality of what I took to be a finished novel a few years ago was before I kicked up a gear. I hope now I’m setting the standard where it needs to be but I’m certainly no natural at this.
It makes me wonder if all authors have to put as much in?
Maybe 15 pages today and probably 4/5 hours of concentrating really hard to achieve what I set out to do? Those 51 pages could take weeks the speed I work at but who knows, maybe now I’ll be in with a chance of impressing an agent/publisher or even just a few readers?
Whatever happens I think these books are the best I’m going to produce, the spark’s gone, the oeuvre fizzled out, the zoww diminished.
The thought of beginning a whole novel fills me with dread although I have got one half-started and another idea mapped out, I don’t know…such a commitment!
Anyway, the story will continue until satisfaction is achieved (ooh Marjorie!)


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