Just like flying, literally.


So, today I found myself in the gutter, scraping along the floor with that surreal sound of my crash helmet scuffing along the gravel, salt, Tarmac as I slid to a halt after apparently head-butting the kerb! Nice.
I remember everything but why the front folded is a mystery.
I was in the right lane, just beginning to accelerate when I caught sight of a car in the inside lane pulling across me so it was hit that or brake. Naturally I went for the brake. Cold tyres, combined with a no-doubt slippy, slidy, crappy road surface weren’t up to the job because my tyres are good, lots of tread and all the brakes and everything are up together but, whatever, I ended up going down and just lifted my head in time to see my bike sliding on its side some distance off up the road.
Luckily the lady who pulled out on me stopped and apologised, her fault etc, sorry, I didn’t look, la la la. Nice lady but……
One is not happy. Now, hours after the incident, I’m realising the amount of hassle involved in getting the bike repaired, the pain in the ass of being without transport etc etc and that’s without the bruising, cuts and aches that came with it. I bounced but bouncing hurts more than I’d like. It’s ended up with me reassessing whether it’s something I want to risk again. Two accidents in two years, both caused by inattentive car drivers. I’ve been lucky, no serious injuries but….. The odds get less each time and I really don’t fancy losing a limb or smashing my head around any more than I already have done. Got a headache now and didn’t think to check if I had pain relief until I got in and found, nope; no painkillers. Grrrrreat!
Anyway, I got lucky…again but that’s three non-fault motorcycle accidents now. Perhaps the time to quit is upon me? I would happily drive a camper type, converted van, something I could sleep in vehicle but I still love bikes.
What would you do?